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Alone in the Dark 5


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So, after a decent game and a really bad movie. Atari has the balls to ask Eden Games to make Alone in the Dark 5. Since I can't embed stuff from Gametrailers;


Tech Demo 1 (SD)


Shows off some great gameplay elements, such as being able to mix & match items for different effects and a very promising and new engine that handles dynamic lighting. Very impressive work on the engine and making things VERY seamless transision between switching 1st Person to 3rd Person to your vest. I love the very simple No Hud concept, and love the fact all your items are in your coat.


The Very First Trailer

Title says it all. Since I watched the tech demo first, gotta be in game.


The Central Park commerical

As is.


The Central Park Trailer

Possibly CG or in game, but I'm leaning towards in game after the Tech Demo. I'd like to note, I love the score.


Central Dark Trailer (SD)

Excellent soundtrack, fantastic visuals and more interesting gameplay mechanics to do with item physics.


Interview with Todd Slepian

Interview :V


Set to be released on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP by Eden Games with the PS2 and Wii by developed seperately by Hydravision Entertainment).


Definately on my wishlist.

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Couldn't notice, possibly a light french accient. Obviously english isn't her mother tongue, possibly french or farsi.

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doesn't feel anything like the old Alone of the Dark series but doesn't matter if this new approach make some new game play that seem enjoyable but less repetitive, I'm in.

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Silent Hill > Alone in the dark


I really don't like the series

Blasphamy, the originator of all that is 3D Survival Horror is hated by thou? HERETIC! BURN THE HERETIC!

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I have been playing this series since the first one on the 3DO system. Back then it was good and most of the newer ones to me are good as well. I really liked the trailer to this one and anticipate it's coming. I will buy it and most likely will like it. I am what you call a horror genre gaming junkie.


Thanks for the trailers Wiz.

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