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Blue-ray wins HD format war


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Idk if you've ever owned a 360, if you haven't, aren't you now going against what you said in the first place?


I owned my 360 for about 2 years, and RRoD happened to me once and I got it back withen 2 weeks. I have owned a Sony Cyber Shot, wich the USB port on it stoped working (for no reason). A PsP (which the charge slot stoped working, again , for no reason). My father bought 2 Sony T.V's, and those, stoped working, for no reason, thank god he still had warranty, he ended up turning in both in for a 46 inch Toshiba which he still has. Also, during the PS/N64 era, I went through 3 PS1's, one fell, the other 2 stoped reading discs, I never bought a 4th one, and I still had my N64 until 2 years ago, which I turned in to EB because I wanted some XB games. Also, my XB never poped out of no where.


I'm just stating my experience with Sony, all of it's hardware has busted on me. For a random reason or another, hence the spawn of hatred. I like the games for the system, and if the Ps3 was affordable I'd get it, but my hatred for Sony's products stays put until Sony hands me a reason not to dislike them.

I own a 360 and i dont hate it, but i JUST got it back from MS, its not reliable. The same PS1 i got as a gift when i was 6, is STILL perfect. Its a rare system to have. It has the Audio/Video ports in the back for those that dont have an RF or AV adapter, has the gameshark port and has a Metal Spindle. All of which were taken out in the later models. Works perfect. Its in its Box and it still has its PS1 controller that has no Analog and everything. Ive owned ONE pair of sony headphones for over a year and they still pump music fine. My PS2 that i bought at launch was JUST retired as i showed you all its box and plastics on that other thread. My PSP is in full working condition, i also own a sony cybershot 8MP camera which works just fine, i have one Sony Tube TV in my house, perfectly fine. So "no reason" doesnt sound right to me.

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It may not but that's my experience, glad it turned out the opposite of a headache for you however. The only thing sony in the house now is a pair of headsets, and the left side started scratching on me however, and last time that happened, the headset poped withen the month.

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What the point of buying a hard copy with something soft inside, while you can get the soft bit from the World Wide Web anyway! :punk:

truer words have never been spoken. preach on brother!

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