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Going to buy a GameCube!!!

What game should I buy?  

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Ok going to be straight as hell with ya.


Stick with metroid prime, only buy zelda if your a hardcore fan, its boring and repetative, if you buy zelda and dislike it dont sy i did not warn you!!!


Metroid prime all the way!!

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Tough choice, but since you have heard the praise, I will let you hear what is wrong in both games :unsure:


Metroid Prime - The game looks AMAZING but who cares about graphics?? was far too repetative and finishing the game felt like a chore more than actual fun. Walk into a room, scan stuff, kill stuff, walk into another room, scan, kill etc etc. This is the whole game incidently and if anyone completed it with 100% then I truely salute you for not falling asleep with all the scanning :D The controls are also badly mapped to the GC pad (my favorite pad ever!) which annoyed me too. The greatest aspect of the game is probably the graphics and the bosses.


I'd give the game 7/10 and I think Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion are better games by far.


Zelda:WW - I didn't like the cel shading but again, I'm no graphics whore so I didn't care too much. The majority of the game is great but I did have a few gripes. My biggest gripe is the SAILING. Seriously, it is so incredibly boring and was an obvious cheap attempt to pad out the length of the game (which is also too easy btw). Lastly is the homosexual navi. I HATE HIM, I WANT TO STAB HIM IN THE FACE!!!! Yes, he is THAT annoying. Now the good stuff: The enemys, the bosses and the sound. Oh boy the sound is excellent.


I'd give Zelda 8/10. If there wasn't so much sailing then I would give it more but the sailing redefines the word dull. Trust me.


If you can get Zelda with the bonus cd then you should get that. Masters Quest is what a real Zelda game should play like. But like emsley said, if you are not a hardcore Zelda fan then get Metroid Prime.


GC exclusive games that I would recommend for your first few purchases:

Super Monkey Ball

Eternal Darkness


F-Zero GX

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Smash Brothers Melee

Animal Crossing

Resident Evil 1 remake (not Zero, it sucks)

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Well good news, the GameCube price dropped down to $100!


The only system that hasn't dropped down from $200 is the Playstation 2. The XBOX also was brought down to $150!


This most likely means that XBOX II and Playstation 3 will be here soon. ;)

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