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Fatal Rose's 'The Art of Seduction'


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I got a serious question for this thread;


Fatal, I was in a car crash last week and am crippled. How do I get chicks now... what's my selling point in a wheelchair?

Get their sympathy. Bitches love giving that crap for free to crippled niggas.

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Ok I am talking to 2 girls, nothing serious on either end though.

One is 27, smart, has a great job, and is very mature. She is not a total slut ether. She is pretty hot, great body.


Other lady is 21, really sweet, honest, Christian, attractive, very pretty face, and decent body.


Girl one cons: Has a kid (not a big deal to me), seems like she can be a little clingy, and seems to have somewhat low self esteem.


Girl two cons: Virgin (last virgin I dated ended REALLY bad), seems like a slight prude, and is overly complimenting me already. Thats something I can't stand!


So what to do? I have hung out with girl number one a few times, we get a long well. I have yet to meet girl two in person, we talk on the phone get a long well but very little of what she talks about seems to interest me. I usually feel like blurting out something random to entertain myself. Her friend which is also a friend of mine is hooking us up.


Nothing concrete has been finalized between either, still up in the air. Basically it comes down to which one I want to pursue.




Suggestions please

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Girl two is fat.


Do the man test. Punch them both in the face at the sametime and see which one praises you first. Then take the women's activist across the street cuz we all know the only reason they're mad is cuz they don't get any or anymore. Just stuff her taco with some special sauce and that should shut her up for about a month. If SHE ends up clinging way too much then drop her off blind folded in a trailer park and speed off while yelling to her that COPS doesn't air on TV anymore and watch the tears fly.

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