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I now present to you, the greatest PS2 game ever!

Reaper man

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"Super Budget Publisher"




no wait




Well, I suppose somebody has to publish those really crappy games. We wouldn't have this problem if there weren't any worthless European game developers dying to get the fruits of their "labor" out to the masses. Sure, they have a bunch of kids games, but still, that catalog is an abomination.



  • One game even rips off Super Monkey Ball gratuitously + Tony Hawk rip off + MotoGP rip off with bikes that have angled wheels. Actually, too many rip offs to keep track of.
  • Two three completely different games share the exact same engine and HUD + another two three different games with the exact same engine and HUD + another two...
  • There is also a game called "White Van Racer" (imagine that) that seems to be a realistic and accurate pedophile-with-an-icecream-truck simulator.

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