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Does anyone have/know where to get DC-X?


Its a bootdisc for Dreamcast that lets you play imports...why get this specific one you ask? it supposedly tricks non-VGA games to work on VGA...and i love my VGA :D


any help on where to get this or if anyone has it is greatly appreciated as ive been looking for this forever

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yep i know about those...maybe ill just go out and buy a universal VGA box that way the dreamcast still thinks its on standard video inputs

You can still buy DC-X from some places too. It is about $19-20 last time I checked.


Also Xploder does the same thing but it has the cheats function too.


I will keep an eye out for both of them.

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DC-X was ripped on the net. However I couldn't find any links, just an.nfo file.


    .                         --==°°°°°°°==--                        .


      |                                                                 |

      :       _______    --==°°° G E N i U S °°°==--       _________    :  

             /       \________ ____   _____ ____ ____  ___/   __    \

     .     /  ______/  _____//    | /     |    /   / /  /   /  '---´  .

      |    /  /_____/  /__   /     |/     /____/   / /  /   /_____      |

      '   /  //_   /  ___/  /            /___ /   / /  /\_____    \     '

         /  /__ / /  /_____/    .      /    /   /_/  /--,___/    /    

        /        /        /     /|     /    /        /           /

        \_______/\_______/\____/ |____/\___/\_______/\__________/


      |                                                                 |

      : °°-Presents-°°                                                  :


         Software.: DC-X Game Adaptor for all DreamcastTM Consoles


         Origin...: USA - NTSC           - Filenames..: gen-dc-x

         Released.: 25.05.2001           - Format.....: Clone CD 2.x

         Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC)  - Files......: 32 * 20 MB

         Supplier.: SnaTcheR / Int.      - Ripped.....: Nothing

     .                                                                .

   ___|---==°°°Release Notes°°°==---------------------------------------|___

      |                                                                 |

         Now here it is....

         The DC-X to play Import* Games!


         How it works:   

         Please read exactly the instructions, otherwise you won't

         understand how it works and what this is.... ;)

     .                                                                .

   ___|---==°°° Info°°°==-----------------------------------------------|___

      |                                                                 |

         DC-X to play Import* games


         1) Switch off you DreamcastTM Console.

         2) Insert the DC-X CD.

         3) Switch on your DreamcastTM. After a few seconds you will

            see the DC-X logo with the "Remove Disc" screen.

         4) Remove the DC-X CD.

         5) Insert the import game you wish to play and close the

            CD cover.

         6) The game will now run. If it does not then

            you will need to see the Special Cases below.


         Special Otions screen:


         Selected game titles will not run using the above steps.

         If the game does not run;


         1. Repeat steps 1 to 4

         2. Before inserting the Game CD, press any button

            on your controller.

         3. Insert your game CD you wish to play and close the

            CD Cover - the Special Options screen will appear.


         Cable Type:


         VGA adaptor/RGB scart/AV Mono.

         It is not important that you do not have the cable

         speciefied - this is only to"switch" the console to the mode

         the game needs to play in.


         TV Mode:




         *Note: The term Import Game refers to using a game not

         originally designed for play on your console - i.e.

         Japanese and American games on a Pal European Console,

         European Games on a Japanese or American Console etc.




However I did find something that can play imports and I think it's what you want. Here is the info on it.. download the actual thing from the attachment. :)


Belokk Presents



Platform: Dreamcast

Date: 03/29/2003

Format: DiscJuggler v.4




here is a rare item i got from my firend at interact the other day.

this disc came out around the end of the dc systems life span and was

only sold on the interact website. i now can bring you this release of a

hard to find disc. i want to thank my friend at interact for bringing me this.

also thanks to interact for the pass 8 years of accessories that they made for the

gameing industry you guy's will be missed. i hope everyone enjoy's this release.





ok this disc is pretty self-explantory.


1. Place the disc in the dc, close the lid and power on.

2. When its done loadingand see the dc-ie screen, take the disc and swap it for your import game

3. Wait a few mins than press the start button, and your done


i know people have the dc-x but this is alot smaller image and works the same way,

just without the extra options. enjoy !


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