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I converted and burnt this exact image myself..........so it can't be corrupt.

Make sure you're using a version of Nero that is at least or newer, but DO NOT use Nero 6 as it is crap for burning multi-session discs.

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Well I'll be damned. I just checked it again and it seems something HAS gone wrong with the file.

Must have been WinRAR's fault while archiving, because I converted the CDI to an NRG, burnt it and it played fine. Then I packed it up in a rar.

I just opened it and loaded it in Nero and I get "Error: This is not a valid Nero image file"

What's even more odd is plenty of people have downloaded it from me on Direct Connect and never complained, so maybe the archive has been corrupted at some point while sitting on my hard drive.


If you use Direct Connect, an get on the Classic Sega hub (classicsega.homeunix.com) there are plenty of people who have the game shared.

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I have teh DC_IE but it's not working.

I've tried it on a NTSC game on my PAL DC sys, but everytime when i start after swapping i get the untro screen of DC.


The game is working i hear the game loading and also every action i take and the game running, but i don't see anything.


I really don't know what to do, can anyone help me?

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yeah i need something to get 60Hz games to run on a US Dreamcast in VGA mode....


most of the forein games and american games dont care what region their in when their on VGA but it appears the particular 2 i have do...weird....


I have DC-IE but that doesnt seem to work...this is very strange ill try to reburn soon....

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