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PAL is poopie anyway. :lol:

If someone has a problem booting games with Utopia, it's generally something THEY did wrong burning a game. As it's well known to boot any Import.

However, we are talking about PAL here.........some NTSC games just simply WILL NOT work unless patched.


As for this "VGA trick", if your copying games.......you CAN set the flag in the IP.BIN to true for VGA if you know how and have the right editing tools.

But it's not much help with games you've already burnt.


You could always try finding out how to edit the IP.BIN on a Utopia disc image and set it's VGA flag to "True" and using it as a boot disc that will enable VGA.

No guarantee this will work, but it's worth a try.


I suggest you start looking at the tools found on DCEmulation


Good luck! :P

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ok this is what happens


I do that to the Utopia Boot disc that boots up without the Use Different Cord Error and im like yay woohoo and then the monitor says "out of scan range" i ignore it and put my game in and then its just a dark blue with sounds working fine...


Im guessing i have to patch BOTH discs...


But what happens if i want to play ORIGINAL GD-ROMS on VGA that dont normally work?


Such as Evil Dead: Hail To The King etc

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Ok im down too two boot discs now ;)


DC-IE and DC_Hakkar!!! both great!!!


only problem is...i have a game called Ikaruga that says its realeased by Dol_mexica or something like that


it boots to the made by Sega...blah blah screen and wont get past that!!!!


does anyone know a compatible boot disc for Ikaruga/a valid image replacement for me to burn?

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Since I'm such a nice guy, I'm currently uploading a self booting copy of Ikaruga to my webspace for you. Check back in about an hour for a link to it. It's taking a LONG time to upload for some reason (5.5kb/s when my upload maxes out at 32kb/s), but I know the downstream speeds for you to download will be pretty quick as I've pulled stuff off it myself for backup reasons. I'm guessing the server allocates only a small part of it's bandwidth for incoming transfers, and most of it for outgoing transfers.

Anyway..........will update post with a link when it's done upping.

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Wow I didn't even know there were copies of Ikaruga that were not selfboot ;).


Anyway, I'd just like to add that for booting REAL imports, not backups, cheatdevices like gameshark, Action Replay and Codebreaker also work excellent. I'm using Codebreaker at the moment since the other ones tend to boot some games in 50hz, and I hate 50hz, and it hasn't failed me yet.


Oh and to boot real games in VGA mode that don't normally support it there's a trick you can do. It involves booting the game up with the VGA box set to TV uotput and then later switching, it doesn't work with all games and I don't know how to exactly do it, I'll find some info for you.

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wait....actually this image wont work...it says something is currupted i extract it, open it, and when i try to burn i get an error


ive tried Nero (Duh)

Alchohol 120%

and mounting as Virtual Drive


non of them work ;)


ill redownload it and tell you how it goes though

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