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NO$GBA 2.5c released


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GBA and DS emulator


20 November 2007 - version 2.5c


- nds/3d: vram viewer: stable handling of old-tree messages (after new reload)

- nds/bios: 80x86 bios clone supports thumb-mode irq handler (nds9/arm v5 only)

- webpage: added two nds 3d viewer screenshots, and a nds-wlan-iomap screenshot

- wifi/debug/cleanup: rearranged/fixed/renamed wlan registers in i/o map window

- menubar: added pdroms.de (and donate.htm) hyperlinks in help topic of menubar

- nds/3d: vram viewer: hides the laser pointer for non-vtx/non-postest commands

- nds/cheats: fixed last some bytes of action replay code 0Eh (thanks hiei)

- nds/3d: vram viewer: laser outlines for polygon(s) of selected begin_vtxs

- nds/3d: vram viewer: laser pointer shows cube-outlines for boxtest command

- nds/3d: vram viewer: ignores vtx_end cmd (reduces amount of tree root entries)

- cpu/detail: emulates ignored writeback on ldrh rd,[rd],imm (thanks kenobi)

- nds/3d: vram viewer: laser pointer for pos_test command (as for vtx commands)

- nds/3d: emulates internal vtx coordinates being overwritten by pos_test cmd

- nds/3d/help: added caution on pos_test (overwrites internal vtx coordinates)

- nds/3d: vram viewer: shows viewport rectangle (by red lines drawn on screen)

- nds/3d: vram viewer: allows to resize tree-view vertically (y2 bottom-aligned)

- nds/3d: vram viewer: laser arrow: shows corresponding numeric screen x,y,depth

- nds/3d: supports 3d vs 2d alpha blending (if supported by local opengl driver)

- nds/3d: temporarily halts arm9-cpu upon gxfifo-overkill (fixes main_siz error)

- nds/cartloader: accepts faulty homebrew logo crc (warning if other than CF56h)

- nds/debug: vram viewer fixed crash in guess-tile-usage for 2D tile screens

- nds/video: aligned empty_vram (crashed unallocated text scroll) (thanks m m)

- nds/3d/debug/speedup: setredraw=0 when reloading 3d viewer tree (thanks peter)

- gba/nds/video/speedup: precalculates eva/evb/evy parameters per scanline

>> Get it HERE.

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