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Height and Weight please

Fatal Rose

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5'9" 125~130 pounds.


Been like that since 2001. I eat what I want, I don't do crap other then play basket ball and hockey and sit around and write all day.


Odd, I remember you posting that you are like 175-185 lbs. Must have lost weight.

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Then maybe your right, because all I remember about my weight is it never changes and never goes beyond 190.


But recently it's dropped to around that. Meaning; I BROKE MY CYCLE. MY GOLDEN AGE HAS ENDED. NO




Edit: I have a terrible memory.

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6ft 3", 120kg

I'm looking at that pic of you on the train....~265 LBS? Were the same height, but you don't look that heavy. Thats 45 lbs more than me. ~20 kg Id say you look no more than 110 kg or 242 lbs. is it an old pic? Or do you just hold your weight well.

I am fat. well, i have a bulging stomach. If not for my height, I would proably be round :)

But i was always on the heavy side even when I was thin. Must be the compact bones :devilboy:

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