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2d arcade shmups


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Never really got into them. Only games I played in the arcades were Beat em ups and VS fighting games.

i was the same until i got a saturn and got ahold of those rare japanese shmups!


now i play shmups more than beatemups!

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you might want to change "shmups" to "Shoot em ups" or something like that. Every time I read "shmups" I think its some word or something entirely different from what you are actually talking about.

but thats the term that gets used for shoot em ups.

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The only shmups I still play (and still play on arcade regularly) is Raiden. THe good ol' Raiden :)

did you ever play any of the raiden fighters games?

I think yeah. And I also saw a new 2.5D Raiden recently. Kinda slow though with the new graphic.


I'm reasonably good at Progear and Ikaruga.


I also like some really old obscure ones... StarGoose or Viper Phase 1 anybody?

For some reason, I do not like Progear and Ikaruga. Can't get into it though.


And nope, never heard of Star Goose and Viper Phase either.


Another shmup that i play is the side scrolling shmup from Psikyo, with Japanese medieval characters

(can't remember the name though). And yeah, I do play Psikyo's shmups from time to time if I found one.

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