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The "What do you know how to cook?" Thread


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Now that I live alone I want to learn to cook and make more stuff than omelettes and sandwiches all the time. I can make these chicken gravy thing that you make from a packet and that's good but it takes a lot of time.


What can you guys cool and what you love to make?

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i can cook anything i took some classes and my mom taught me when i was young its just something i like to do someday i may take the plunge and open a diner or something. but on to what i love to make i like to do itailian and classic american dishes , you know like lasanga and stromboli, the stuff like mac and cheese,meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy. what ever u do experiment look for recipies on the internet and tweak them to your liking.

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Nooooo way. No lie, around 5 or so this afternoon, I had the idea to post a thread about some good eats to make yourself. Lastnight I was commenting on Game Cops thread, and he got me thinking. At the same time I had this thought, you posted this thread..... Wierd. It's confirmed.... we do think alike. I.E. Deus Ex fanboys.


Ok what I wanted to post first wasn't elaborate. But I want to share with you Gryph, and everyone else, some awesome burgers.


Ok, you need to pick this up in the spice isle.

Sason_R-362.jpgSASON-nottice the top is white, not yellow. The yellow topped one is better with fish and such.

OK you'll be mixing this with salt, the ratio is 50/50, but adjust to your liking.

This is the main thing for the burger. This is about it. Thats the secret ingredient. You mix it in with your ground beef. and you kinda use alot. I don't remember the ratio between season vs meat, I usually go by instinct. When the beef looks -->kinda<-- orange, it's enough. (your hands will be slightly stained as well, a SLIGHT tint....if its heavily tinted, you used too much) I'd pick up some great ground beef, nice and red, no dull color (fresher) and you favorite cheese ( I'd choose Provolone ) Potato bread buns, Bullseye BBQ (if you like it) I usually use mayo and Bullseye for my condiments on burgers, so use whatever. Onions whatever you want.....why am I telling you all this......


But the secret to preparing any burger, is this. Have the patty kinda flat, not a ball when you place it on the cooking surface. you gotta constantly press on it now and then to make sure it doesn't pucker up. A good way to make sure this doesn't happen, is to make sure there is alot of beef in the patty to begin with. Also, once the patty starts to pucker alittle, and you kinda see some dark blood form at the top, flip it. Do NOT squish the hell out of it, just make sure it doesn't get too tall. And press the edges out just alittle to keep up with it. If you squish it too much, it will loose all the juices, and dry up. Another mistake is leaving it on too long. You gotta kinda have a feel for it, but remember, when you flip it the first time, you flip it about 3 more times, at equal intervals from the first flip.


Ok too much detail, but Sason and salt make a GREAT seasoning. Put it on your french fries too right after you fry them up. Man, I'm telling you, it's great.


OK ill post back with a real dish ok?

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