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The Biggest Gaming Event of the Year: The Orange Box


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Please tell me they fixed whatever was going on with Dual-Core processors in Episode 1, and it Isn't like that in episode 2.


Theres some stupid bug in it thats been there for awhile, it has something to do with dual-core processors or DDR2 RAM at certain speeds (Its some really specific detail that effects a good portion of people, but apparently not enough for them to fix it unless they just did) that makes episode 1 unplayable, it runs like crap and crashes all the damn time.


Anyway i spent the entire morning today playing TF2, its fantastic, I can't wait to go home and play portal (is it multiplayer?) and the other games that came with it, hopefully i can finally finish episode 1 and then play 2.


There is no way you can't buy the orange box, all these games are instant classics and its such a bargain. My friend refuses to buy it for some faggot reason and I think im going to have to kick his ass. He doesn't know anything about them and he insists they are going to suck.




Damn look how much they suck

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