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PSX Game Burn Help >.<


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Hello everyone.


Some of my PSX Discs have gone missing so I have downloaded the torrents of the games from a website.

When they downloaded I extrated the files into a folder and they have come up as Image Files.


Picture here: http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/7566/imagedw2.jpg



I have tried burning it with Nero, DVD Dycrpter and CloneCD and when I put them in my PSX All I get is "Insert PS CD-ROM" on the error screen.



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Just don't use crap CDs in the first place, and Alcohol has a verify data option if you really want to use it


As long as you have a burner of decent quality (at least has buffer underrun protection) and some media of decent quality you should be fine though, especially since the PSX is pretty forgiving when it comes to that.


I burn all my games for every system in Alcohol 120% at the RAW/DAO setting (Some PSX games will need you to check the Rectify Sub Channel Data checkbox, but most don't, so try it without that first) Also burn the disc at HALF the rated speed on the disc, i read that somehow thats actually better than the lowest speed on most burners anyway.

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yes the PS1 Had a Mod Chip.

Tried everything you said, Tried it with new discs too(Tuffdiscs) and another type of CD-R and I still get the same problem

I have used Nero, Clone CD, DVD Dycrypter and Alcohol 120% and I just get the same problem of it saying "Insert Playstation CD-ROM"


Dunno what else to try.

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