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Freeware/Open Source Alternatives


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Ok, so I figured I would share and encourage the sharing of alternatives to oft bloated and costly software for (Usually) everyday use.

Feel free to contribute to the list, I'll add it to this post. Just be sure to denote what the software is, and it's homepage. Windows 98/2k/XP ONLY! (I don't know anyone still using 95, ME counts as 98 and Vista only stuff is of no use to most people yet)


Internet Browsers - Because Internet Explorer isn't


Mozilla Firefox


Lynx - Text Browser


Email Clients - Face it, Outlook Express has more holes than swiss cheese!


Mozilla Thunderbird

Anything else here people? Eudora is no longer developed, taken over by the Mozilla team.


FTP Clients - Because a standalone app does a better job




FireFTP (Firefox plugin, requires Mozilla Firefox)


Microsoft Office Alternatives (Can I say it any different? Didn't think so)


Open Office


Art Programs - Because Corel and PSP are great, but not FREE



DrawPlus (I haven't used this, but it looks decent)




3D Modeling/Animation - 3D Studio Max is THE best, bar none. But it's INSANELY EXPENSIVE!


Google SketchUp



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You didn't mention Blender ( http://www.blender.org/ ) which goes under 3D modelling/animation it just behind 3DS Max, Blender was used to create a video called Elephants Dreams ( http://www.elephantsdream.org/ ) which I watched in HD myself. :(


As for the Internet Browser there also Safari ( http://www.apple.com/safari ) yes the new version does runs on Windows.

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