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TOP Xbox Fighting Games?


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What do you guys think are the TOP 10 or TOP 5 fighting games made for the XBOX? I haven't played many of them so I'm interested to see what you guys have to say. :thumbsup:

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Not much a fan of anything newer than SFA, but I find the following somewhat entertaining.


Dead or Alive 3

Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Mortal Kombat Deception

Fight Club (It's far from being in-depth, but it's fun)


As for Soul Calibur II, I think it sucks. Even on hard it's too easy, and it's too short.


Kind of hard to have a top 10 too, considering there is MAYBE 30 fighting games on the system and most of them suck REALLY REALLY bad. And a good 20 of them are ports of SNK crap (I hate SNK, bite me...they milk the crap out of things)

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GGX2 #Reload

DoA 3

and uh KoF 2k2/2k3 I guess.

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I kinda enjoyed Deception, then again it was the only new MK that I've played so far.

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top 5 in order:

SSF2T (in Capcom Classics Collection 2) without a doubt.

SF3:3s (SFAE) comes in second

MVC2.... i don't know why people keep hating on this port, i think it's fine.

KOF2k2. i suck at it, but hey.

CVS2 EO _is_ a bad port, though, but it's still probably one of the best fighting games on the xbox.


i agree, the new MKs are junk. pretty obvious that the game designers don't know much about playing fighting games.

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Marvel on Xbox is not arcade perfect, that's why everyone uses the Dreamcast version.


Edit: Also CvS2 is crap on all fronts EXCEPT for the Dreamcast version.

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