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Here's why we shouldn't use PSP Custom Firmwares

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We shouldn't use PSP Custom Firmwares because then dickheads like this won't put their down syndrome-d mugs on the internetz.



Remember, children, no matter what the retard says, CFWs don't hurt Sony. Piracy hurts Sony, so don't do it!


However, don't stay on Sony's official firmware either. You don't want to turn out like this moron. His baby in the background is suffering from his retardation already, and you can hear it. So no matter what the retard says, do not stay on Sony's official firmware. BlackKnight @ 1emu boards. Peace out.

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Wait... if you're using Sony's official firmware anyway... how do you get hurt when other people use custom firmwares? :D



DURRRRRR!!! :thumbsup:

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A dude older then my grandpa just said "peace out" (Not to mention his peace sign was THREE FUC|<ING FINGERS, hippies do better then you), and then actually said "f uck you" to me, a custom firmware user.


You know what whore, your a fat ass still commenting on a baseball player who did more steroids then your kid is probably going to grow up to use(Your an idiot, I'd figure your kid is going to grow up to be one as well). Then you actually have the balls to say to stop using "Custom Firmware", you know what mother sucka, I bet the only reason your blaming "us" for your Sony related issues, is because you have no idea wtf your doing when you turn on your psp (Or to your little mind, the thing with the buttons and the sony logo). The custom firmware community is simply making sh!t a lot easier for those with enough brain power to install one. You know, since sony sucks and all.


O, btw, 360>Ps2, Suck it biatch.

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