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PS3 or WII?

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i knew this thread would turn out like this, its utterly retarded


Heres the sad truth: They both suck


I dont know how either company is getting away with selling the xbox 360 and the ps3, almost all the games are half finished half ass glitchy half working games. They come out with rediculous amounts of glitches and things wrong with them, and a couple months later they might release a patch, and for some reason this is seen as acceptable.


I bought a 360 instead of a PS3 because your an idiot if you dont realize they both do the same exact crap. You get slightly better value with the 360 and maybe some confidence because of the heavier developer backing. But i can still admit they are both horrible.


Its always been true that if you want to play games the right way, you buy a PC, and its always going to be like that.


I play games on my PC every single day, with daily updates, new maps, no problems, resolutions the consoles cant even dream of running anything at, Ill compare PC and console versions side by side, and the console version is just so much worse. My 360 sits on my desk collecting dust, the only one who plays it is my brother, and i watch all the shittyness he has to endure.


flock no am i going to pay 600 dollars or whatever the flock for the same crappy experience for more money on PS3.


Its a flocking terrible situation and theres no excuse for it.


...and flock gamepads


Get a Wii because its nothing at all like the other two consoles, I wish i had one. A console with somewhat inspired original games with things i've never seen before, even on the PC?! Holy sh!t


Resistance: Boring




I cant even think of something i would want to play besides resistance on the PS3, where are all the flocking games?


Be real, all the good games on these consoles are crappy PC ports. Bioshock, UT2k7, etc.

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And don't even bring up HD-DVD and Blu-Ray


anyone who knows anything about broadcasting and digital media will tell you they BOTH suck, and they are BOTH a waste of time.


Not only is this a situation where consumers are getting flocked in every possible way (by having two formats) But its not even going to be here very long, its just a temporary bridge between now and when all content delivery is digital and no one bothers with discs anymore.

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That's the reason I haven't gone for a HD-TV yet, I'm waiting for a freaking format to be claimed dominant that way I can't get screwed over months from now.

I'm in that very same boat, but it still bothers me. The more we introduce new formats to hold information over and over is going to cause us to lose more and more precious data. Think about how many VHS movies have still never even seen a DVD release, or old cartoons, etc. -- we're forgetting so much and not going back to save it. I've felt this way for a long time and recently in the past couple days Slashdot put up an article about this.

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yep, my VCR is still hooked up


sometimes the shittyness of the picture quality is what makes it awesome, You would agree watching some old cartoon in 1080p would be an awkward experience wouldnt you?

Yep, I love nostalgia. Which is why the people like me keep onto old hardware, old software, implement things like the NTSC algorithm in video game emulators. :)

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the whole concept of HDTV just doesnt excite me very much, we are so far away from images on a screen looking true to life that its stupid to spend tons of money on it right now.


If i where to buy an HDTV, i would buy a widescreen LCD, No tuner, No speakers, no 1080p (But 720p and 1080i) and no extra bells an whisles, you get some of the coolness of HDTV without the ridiculousness. Plus i have a digital cable box as a tuner and my speakers kick the crap out of anything built into a TV :)


EDIT: And this is what i mean by consoles are a waste of time, people say console gaming is less expensive than PC gaming, and while this used to be true, its just wrong now. You have to pay thousands of dollars for the full console experience lets break it down with some estimates


Console, 400-600

Games, 60 each

TV, lets say 4000, most of the people i know who have them spent around this much, although its possible to spend alot more and alot less

Console accessories


Surround Sound System


Its like almost 6000-7000 bucks, even if you get a cheaper TV its still gonna be like 4000? You can easily get surround sound and everything on a PC for less than 1000, Most 700 dollar complete PC setups can STILL play the same games as consoles at much higher resolution and higher graphical settings AND higher FPS. Not to mention all the extra features you get.


1920X1080 resolution? PCs could pull that off soooooooooo long ago. I'll take my 2560X1600 thank you very much :P

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All busnisses aim to take your money. They are not going to sit thier and be happy with one kind of format for 5, 10 or whatever number of years. They will want more.


As for Shiba, i agree. PC will always be less no matter how much accesories you need. But the only problem is even though MOST of the games are sooner or later ported onto the PC not all are. I really wanted to play Jack and Daxter back when it came out but it never came out for the PC. Same thing for God OF War. Emulators will soon catch up but games like Heavenly sword for the PS3 wont be emulated for a long, long, LONG time.

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