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Calling out all 04/05 forum reunion

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All the people like me that helped make this site famous then abandoned it. Please return for just one post PLEASE!!! Even those who hate me, post in here for good ol times sake.

If you are not apart of this alumni then do not post in this thread yet until a substantial amount of old school posters have posted, OK? Thanks.




Random Guy

Ian Le Creme






and the list go's on...



Please return...

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This is how you find the old schoolers. But, hey, my account is as follows...


Member Group: Emulator Author

Joined: 14-November 04

Warn: (0%) -----

Also, you look exactly like this gay dude that was trying to flirt with my friend at some rave last month.

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Well I joined in 04, does that count?


Group: User Admin

Posts: 5816

Joined: 5-December 04

From: Sydney, Australia

Member No.: 5424

Guild: kGo

Level: 1517

FRAGS: 10735 | Credits: 138953

Hp: 8326/8328

Str: 1954/8190

Exp: 8543/12412

Warn: (0%)

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