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I officially hate computers!


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Seems like an awful lot to consider just for one graphics card. If I get a new one, Ill probably get one in the 7 series. I dont need the best one out there, just one to secure my fps on the games I play, which arent incredibly power hungry. If I knew anything about PSU's, I could offer some advice, but I really have no experience with them lol.

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Well, i have come to a very close conclusion. Its either i get the 430W or the 500W. The thing with the 500W is i dont need that much. 430W is plentiful.


I have read many of the reviews and most say it is very good. Im just really scared that it wont fit b/c if it doesnt i might have to cut out part of my case which i really dont want to do but will if i have to.


All i wanna know is should i get these 2 things:


Video Card

Power Supply


I just need a couple of ok's and i'll order them today.

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Alright well, sorry for the double post (again).


I talked to a friend and he just told me that brand is "that" big of a deal on power supplies and the more the better so i decided to go with this one:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817153052

Gonna order them tommorow as my brother is asleep. If you guys think other wise dont hesitate to post :thumbsup1: . But other than that everything worked out perfectly. i even checked the dimension for the power supply through the manufacters page. The guys on tigerdirect told me that their is no way for me to find out but i guess i proved them wrong.


Im gonna have to put my controller order on a side for know though :D The power supply really killed me in the end even though its not that expensive. Hopefully they have it on sale on friday possibly.

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I would say that if your PSU is truely 300W, you need to upgrade that before plugging that card in, or you might run into issues.


then again, if those specs are correct... it's probably rated as 475W, so you should be fine


edit: wait.... I see the 300W max now. Actually, if you could send a pic of the pwer ratings I could probably find out a bit better...

Well, what if reaper man is right and its actually 475W??


Even though it does say 300W MAX.


I retract my previous statement... it's a 300W PSU, even though the numbers don't add up for some strange reason. You really need to upgrade that, seriously


also, I'd would go with Antec... remember your PSU is connected to EVERYTHING, since it supplies power. Is it worth it to pony up more cash for a higher quality PSU that has a lesser risk of frying your sh­it? flock yes.

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Ok first the PSU - 300W is not gonna run a gaming standard 8 series card. It is very unlikely to fry anything though, since the problem will be it not being able to supply enough power, what will actually happen is random restarts.


Next from the list of games you have there, you need to be looking at an 8800GTS, the new 8800GT should be out now and one of those would also be suitable. with the GTS you need to be thinking of resolution if you use 1600x1200 or greater then you will need the full version with 640MB onboard memory. 1280x1024 or less and the 320MB version will be fine.


With an 8800 card in mind, a 500W PSU is the minimum you should look at, you may well get away with less but any future upgrade may bring the PSU to its knees again so better to have a little in reserve, any major brand should be safe. X-Clio are cheap but reliable if you can get one.

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For getting the video card, the PSU and Quake Wars for only 160$ USD, i think thats a very good bargin (after rebate). Compared to a 8800 GT which is double the price and more, even though you get more out of it, not worth it for how much i need. The 8600 GTS will last me long enough. One year is fine, even if i have to run the games on the lowest settings by the end of 08..... but hopefully i wont.

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