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Greg Kasavin is a dick

Greg Kasavin  

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I think Greg Kasavin is a dick. Do you agree? If you don't know who he is, then just vote yes anyway.


First off, he was an incredibly preachy, pompous and arrogant writer and speaker. At least, this was during his years at Gamespot. Now he magically works at EALA as a producer on C&C3 and is the most obsequious, ass-kissing son of a b.tch you'll ever meet. If I hear him mention how grateful he is for the opportunity one more time, I will seriously consider flying over to the States and busting this dickhead myself. I wouldn't be surprised if he spends his days giving head to each member of the sh.tty EA management that hired him.


Anyway... I have spent the years avoiding his reviews and interviews just 'coz the guy is annoying - but had nothing that personal against him. C&C3 had its problems at launch but was eventually fixed up nice and tight by a month-and-a-half overdue patch that was really masterfully put together, if a bit late, and that significantly changed the game for the better. Greg Kasavin is supposedly the producer behind the direction and management of the patch, even if he didn't architect the balance changes himself, and fields a lot of the praise for its success.


Now this is bullsh.t. If you read any of the interviews or forum posts over at www.commandandconquer.com, you'd realise this halfwit couldn't balance his way out of a paper bag, let alone orchestrate a major patch without someone else holding his d.ck for him every step of the way. Further, whenever he talks about it, his remarks are so emphatically vague, I'm surprised more people haven't got the impression that he doesn't know wtf he is talking about at all. And again, every second comment is how happy he is to be working with an A+++ dev team or how it is a dream come true.


This balding fat loser sh.ts me to tears. I will die a happy man knowing even one other person on this board shares my hatred of the king of f.ckwits, Greg Kasavin. He may be a big fan of Neo-Geo (he reckons so), but I maintain this guy knows f.ck all about games, about making games, about their history, or really about anything to qualify him for the jobs he's had over the years. If he crossed the street in front of me, I wouldn't brake. Would you?


P.S. I am aware that this is blatantly libelous, but this is the spam forum, isn't it?

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Make a rant for ultra members only?


Also, I don't have much to say, because I've been passing high school without knowing a flocking thing, while I've met kids droping out who have worked twice as hard as me >.>.

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I voted that he is a dick. Just a dick.


I never knew he got into the games industry. I made my vote because I have read some of his reviews as a senior reviewer at Gamespot, and some of them seemed to come across as pompous and oh so superior.


Now Gamespot reviews are always abit snooty and arrogant because they think that people just consult their site without consulting others, or that they definitively know what constitutes a good game. But some of Kasavin's reviews just seemed abit more arrogant. I stress "some."


But I don't share the volcanic hatred that you have, Mr Keeper.

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Never heard of the guy. And why are you so upset today?


I went a bit overboard because this guy just seems too incompetent for someone so highly revered in certain circles. Just wanted to see if anyone else thought the same.


But yeh it was a bit excessive... I've cooled off now. I blame exam season for the pent up rage.

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