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im bored

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im bored in class look what i have to do we have all period to do it and im done in 5minutes... pathetic




ohhh she gave me more work ^^


andddd not to long after finished :clapping:





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I still Junior High School and don't understand even a tiny piece from that :P

how do I post images from my computer? :(


heh you'll get it once in grade 11


ummm, to post pictures i just upload them at www.photobucket.com and then take the IMG code and put it in here.

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I still grade 8 but my private math teacher taught me about the 'cos' a bit

I am not really understand about it

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Geometry is actually pretty fun. I've always liked sine, cosine and tangent functions as well (not really something you'd expect to hear from someone who's terrible at math).

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math is a tool for crushing your spirit and dreams. free yourselves!!!

If you say so. :(


I always liked math, I kinda wish I was in a math class right now. Of course, it's summer and to get into any classes I have to sign up near a year in advance, so it's not gonna happen, but it would be cool.

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Dear god not this again... Took me a week to get through that in a foundation course session for college. i absolutely hated it. To retain on my behalf was abit difficult.

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