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desktop screenies :D

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haha nice i see your windows is as fake as mine :P i think you need the new patch to fix :P

No, my XP is legit. I just refuse to update to service pack 2. The last time I tried, the update failed. Luckily, I had made a system restore point right before updating... <_<


oh lol mines not real :P and im trying to find the new fix for the stupid windows genuine bull that keeps popping up ^^;



PM Me for a Good XP fix.


PM sent.



Any one why my desktop is my C: drive?


your desktop is part of your C: drive dont know how to explain it other than it's the part of it? xD makes no sense

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Here my wallpaper, first dragon wallpaper I have use. <_<



Hexter, what app are you using for the weather + calendar?


I'm using gadgets, a feature that comes with Vista. :P




i cant stand anything from vista other then the skin everything else just sucks

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