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Joost: Beta testing open to new users


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I've been beta testing Joost/The Venice Project since it began, and I have a few invites to give out. If you're interested in beta testing for it, send me a PM with your name and email address and I'll give you a beta invite.


For those of you not familiar with Joost, it is a new P2P TV application from the creators of Skype. Instead of sharing user uploaded files, Joost uses a P2P network to stream tv feeds from an archive of media from providers such as Viacom. It has a very slick interface featuring on screen programming guides similar to a Satellite or Cable TV service, but more interactive, with features like chatting while watching shows. The video is full screen streaming video of a pretty decent quality.

Content is still not the sort of things you might find for download on iTunes, but it is getting better all the time as more TV production companies are signed up. Currently there are some good documentary and reality shows (I watch a lot of Top Gear on it). There are also a lot of music video channels as MTV is involved in the product.




More info and screenshots of Joost

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Saqib (emulator author of PCSX2) sent me an instant message about this. It seems very interesting. Go ahead and send an invite my way and maybe I'll type a review about it. :)

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Certainly interested here, I'm sick of the TV service I have..it's all reruns and stupid "reality TV". Be nice to see something worth paying money for (Might even cause me to cut off my cable TV if it's good enough)

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What do the beta testers have to do besides enjoy the free service (while it lasts).


Will this cost money after beta?


No, it will have some commercials mixed in between shows. I don't think there are any right now in the beta.


I'm leaving for the weekend. But maybe some of the people I've given invites to can invite people themselves. Anyone who I've given one to (about 10 of you) please check under "My Joost" for the Invite widget. See if you have any tokens for invites. If so, feel free to add some more people!

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