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Super Paper Mario review (Wii)


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I was speechless when I first heard of this game, I thought nintendo was BSing, then when I saw footage of it. o shi... NO LIES, nintendo has fuckin done it again. Who would of thought of the gameplay concept playing mario in a 2D world able to flip to a 3D perspective making the level look completely differently. Not only that, -


This is hardly the only new wrinkle in the gameplay, though. Since SPM is a chapter of the Paper Mario series, it features the usual mashup of 2D/3D gameplay; Mario himself is a flat object moving through a polygonal world. While the world is usually seen from a side-on perspective, it's possible to "flip" the game sideways and look down the length of a level, where objects that seemed insurmountable in 2D space can easily be skirted around in 3D. The Paper Mario RPGs placed their random battles on what appeared to be literal stages, and SPM essentially makes all the world a stage, so to speak. By flipping the action sideways, obstructions resemble stage props -- flat, and simple to move past.


absolute fucking genius, I can't wait til the 9th of April (that was damn friggin quick). As a proud Wii owner (sick of wii puns, give it a rest you guys), this is one game I've been waiting for, this is a great subsitute while waiting for Mario Galaxy. At last, a first true mario game, but a whole new game. You get the tradition mario game with paper mario rpg elements. This should be very good.


here's a footage demonstrating the core gameplay of Super paper mario:








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Really cool, hope to play this once my friend gets it.

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IGN has now reviewed the game. They gave it a score of 8.9. Not too shabby! :)


» IGN: Super Paper Mario Review


8.0 Presentation

The Paper Mario series reborn with a new emphasis on platforming. All your favorite characters are back and there's a humorous storyline, but there's also just way too much text to read.

7.5 Graphics

A beautiful 2D platformer and an uninspired 3D one. The worlds Mario explores look fantastic when they're flat, but the moment they gain depth they become barren landscapes.

7.5 Sound

Fitting silly sound effects and a compilation of MIDI music -- some of the tracks really ring true and others are throw-aways.

9.0 Gameplay

Really fun and extremely clever. You'll play it as a platformer, but there's a light RPG in place, too. Tight controls and clever levels that use the 2D/3D dynamic will impress you again and again.

9.0 Lasting Appeal

A good, long adventure that will span upward of 20 hours and that doesn't even consider some of the goodies you might have missed along the way.

** It also received an Editor's Choice Award!

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so excited, it's coming out tomorrow. Sorry PALs (UK folks, there seem to be a delay I think).

As if that is news. PAL countires get shafted constantly, although less than in the past.


I still blame Germans and the French for everything.

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There's a Sega game called Crush coming out for the PSP with the exact same premise. Too bad Nintendo beat them to it, as that might have actually sold a psp or two. Plus the graphics are way better in Super Paper Mario, so the similar psp game will likely fall flat :D

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