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  1. lol i can't find mame 32 and if i do they want me to buy something
  2. the best mame out there and if so is there one to play neo geo games like kof and metal slug?
  3. ok i need help i have the new 1.58 version and i have metal slug and kof 2000 but they don't work and i have the neogeo patch what is going on???
  4. thanks guys i found it but i have to see if it's it i am just downloading and 30 min are left
  5. ok this is the only forum i think that can help me. I was looking for the software that will install i gift i got. This is a wireless Belkin 56g network adapter. if anyone can find the link then thank you very much. I looked everywhere and found nothing.
  6. i don't think because some people get paid to do it for sites that have bad things. I want to close it down but idk how i done it before just telling the host of the network for the site(like here it's ipbfree) but i couldn't find it so still looking for people that know
  7. hack sites that have been holding info that they must not have.
  8. just click the sig bleed anime and here it is just in case Link removed to illegal content
  9. you think i can host those betas on my site is so just click on my sig
  10. well i don't think any will send it because the creator doesn't want it out there is also the 200 one and it has an intro too
  11. ok a guy is offering 290 dollars for a laptop it's a dell insperon 1000 it has 2.2 ghz, 265mb video card, 30 gb hard drive and it was only used for 2 years
  12. don't get your hopes up i really do think it is check mi for more info they have this to
  13. it could be a prank you know but you will never know but even if they make rules there are other engines like mugen so it doesn't matter
  14. playing games a lot is not an addiction it's very helpful solving puzzles and letting anger out by killing people in games instead of the real thing see games are not evil only crazy people are
  15. well idk but it happened to most people maybe old video and other things that make it slow down
  16. ok send it to my email gizmo_ult@yahoo.com or go on my forum on the sig and go there and add it there and i'll fix it for you but if you want to use the old on i can send you a edited one i did with 80 slots for your char
  17. there are two thing likes mugen thats very old but the new thing is there is a plug in for mugen to make it look better but yea what you have is old news
  18. if you still need help just pm me join my site or what ever to help you i did the same thing but in another screenpack
  19. if you need help join other forums like mine or others just in case some don't ask you ? like if you want to start we will tell you what you need and everything on how to add things to making your own stuff
  20. ok i got it but i think this place needs another mod for the mugen section not that many people answer your ? fast enough
  21. yea because their creator doesn't want them out
  22. give me your email to send you my default one with up too 80 chars or less
  23. don't use what he said get a screenpack ok and then add it and see how much it hold or else i can send you my default one that holds 80 chars i think
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