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DS2Key Server 0.7 beta


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Hey, it's been a long time since an update and I'm gonna release a beta to find bugs and continue working on a configuration app for the server. This version will run with either ds2key 0.6 client or DSPad, which I recommend.


What's new in this version? Multiple virtual gamepads.


DS2Key (PC) Server: DS2Key07.rar

DSPad (DS) Client: DSPad02_neo07.zip

DSPad NeoFlash Entry: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,3894.0.html


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Thank you very mutch, Sypherce. With DS2Key compatibility mode ON, it works like a charm here. The XML config file and the new GUI are purfect! The analog/touch screen is superb (how can i configurate the left and right mouse buttons?).


-As DSPad, it doesn't work for me. DS2Key.exe keeps giving me errors as that:


I must been read in anwhere that is linux only. Wish someone make a Windows server for it.


-DS2Key compatibility mode ON:


LOL, the Y-X typo remains :P




Sugestion, hope i can explain it.

In PPJoy, i used to use a setup like ABXYR as keys and L as a profile changer trigger for another profile in wich ABXYR are another 5 keys.

Like: ABXYR as 12345 keys and holding L they are 67890.

So i have 10 buttons instead the original 6 from DS (not including the dpad and virtual touch screen buttons).


Maybe DS2Key could have a special assign for a button wich links another profile.


Lets say LR link 2 diferent profiles, we could have 12 different buttons!




Finaly, we could have B button stoping a ongoing connection, breaking the loop. I think it can be easy to add.

Turbo keys could be inserted in DS2Key also?




In a far far future, would rock to have DS2Key receiving signal from the sound card (a ds2key_sound.dll) and reproducing in the D1S speakers the output from PC. I would sit in the faaaaaaaaaaaaar end of my bed and play emulators using phones ;)

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Hi all ! First off I want to thank you for this wonderful app ! Which sadly does not work perfect for me :afro: .


After starting DSPad and the DS2Key Server I can use my DS with the standart configuration... I can't get any of my Profiles to work, neither with DS2Key 0.6 nor with DSPad, if I give them the Profiles they just ignore them and use the standart "default" configuration instead...


Can anyone please give me a step to step guide on how to get this to work with games like Call of Duty 1, Unreal Tournament or Flatout ?


Hope you can help a Gamer that likes to use his DS as Wireless Gamepad:



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ok, I got it working now ^^ !


Thought I can't play Call of Duty or any other Egoshooter with it cause:


1. the Mouse is way TOO sensetive ->no chance of playing games

2. I can't configure Mouse keys (or am I to dumb to find the code for those ?)

3. The server get's stuck with a key sometimes so I need to restart the Emulator-Game all the time (If I'm lucky I can fix it by just minimizing and maximizing the window again). Prove:


I hope you can get atleast the Server to run as stable as the DS2Win's newest unofficial on which has no such problems.


If you can fix that: :punk::punk::punk::punk::punk::punk::thumbsup1:B)

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Why does DSpad Freeze when I choose a PAD NUM.


I have a black DS lite and M3simply I have installed ppjoy


DS2key server does not show anything other than the first two lines that show when you start it.



Display Before Freeze:



* DSPad Cli...

* NeoFlash Spri...

* By Cedric :

* bong.ds@gmail.com




Loading "/DSPad.xml" SUCCESS

Reading "/DSPAD.xml" SUCCESS

Selected player 1

DS2key mode is active

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DSpad/DS2key is working but I cant get this virtual joypad working. I have installed PPjoy + drivers and set buttons etc. But even when I open server(DS2key 0.7) and then open DSpad.ds.gba I cant get this work.


Wifi notice that Im using DSpad but DS2key dont :I

I just see: "server running on port 1951

Press ctrl+c to quit"



//Is this linux only!?

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