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  1. Would a monochrome screenshots option reduce file sizes and speed updates a bit in higher resolutions? I use 1280x720 in my widescreen monitor, and ds2win is painly slow with this size. I have to change it to 800x600 just to use it. 800x600 is 4:3, very bad when seen in a 720p widescreen.
  2. Thank you very mutch, Sypherce. With DS2Key compatibility mode ON, it works like a charm here. The XML config file and the new GUI are purfect! The analog/touch screen is superb (how can i configurate the left and right mouse buttons?). -As DSPad, it doesn't work for me. DS2Key.exe keeps giving me errors as that: I must been read in anwhere that is linux only. Wish someone make a Windows server for it. -DS2Key compatibility mode ON: LOL, the Y-X typo remains ------------------------------ Sugestion, hope i can explain it. In PPJoy, i used to use a setup like ABXYR as keys and L as a profile changer trigger for another profile in wich ABXYR are another 5 keys. Like: ABXYR as 12345 keys and holding L they are 67890. So i have 10 buttons instead the original 6 from DS (not including the dpad and virtual touch screen buttons). Maybe DS2Key could have a special assign for a button wich links another profile. Lets say LR link 2 diferent profiles, we could have 12 different buttons! ------------------------------ Finaly, we could have B button stoping a ongoing connection, breaking the loop. I think it can be easy to add. Turbo keys could be inserted in DS2Key also? ------------------------------ In a far far future, would rock to have DS2Key receiving signal from the sound card (a ds2key_sound.dll) and reproducing in the D1S speakers the output from PC. I would sit in the faaaaaaaaaaaaar end of my bed and play emulators using phones
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    If you still have any trace of patience or common sense, you can see the guide i made for my community here http://www.ndsbrasil.com.br/forum/index.php?showtopic=3822 Portuguese only, here's the google crap translation http://translate.google.com/translate?u=ht...-BR&ie=UTF8
  4. What exactly are you booting with? I remember I had a problem with the whole wifi thing itself, where it'd connect to my computer, and then just quit after a minute or two. After two weeks of fiddling, I figured out that it was because I was booting my files with DSOrganize. For some reason, DSOrganize did not like the booting of wifi-enabled apps. I figured out to just boot everything with Moonshell. I doubt this may be your problem, but I thought I'd post something somewhat helpful. I boot it straight from SuperCard menu. My hardware's: Jap DS Phat. SuperCard CF with 1.7 FW. 1GB Sandisk CF. Datel Wi-Fi MAX USB wi-fi dongle. Sypherce is updating the libs it uses, so i hope this will fix my problems.
  5. Sorry to keep asking when it's a free duty-free hobby to you, Sypherce. But, more than requests, there's a little problem when DS2Key refuses to work after some time and i need to reboot my DS and reconect again. I wonder if you or anybody else's aware of it or know if it has a fix. I experience it using DS2Key + PPJoy + ePSXe or DS2Key + PPJoy + Joy2Key + some PC game wich doesn't recognize PPJoy virtual joystick. Take your time and rest assured DS2Key is the only use for my Wi-Fi MAX lately.
  6. So Sypherce, any hint of a new version? Maybe just including some user sugestions available, as saving port #, PC interface # and default profile # in a INI or CFG file on the card. New inerface. Maybe a GUI for PC end? Please tell us you didn't stop yet. DS2Key is the best app along DSOrganize, DSFTP, NDSMail and Moonshell, for me at least. Maybe could you make it a plugin for DSOrganize 2.45 beta? A sample plugin is available in the DSOrganize page. Cheers.
  7. So, we can hope to see a basic win32 GUI for DS2Key.exe with a built in profile editor and graphic representation for pressed keys? Even a .NET one would suffice. I would do it myself, but i can't code more than a "Hello World!" thing
  8. Firstly, neat app. Thak you. And... -How to get analog/touch screen working? Use 'mouse' button... DUHHHHHHHHH -And maybe you could draw a simple circle with a dot representing it in the screen (and aditional buttons assigned to the screen). -DS2Key.nds (.sc.nds) could read things from a INI or XML in the card, like default UDP port, profile # and PC IP. So we can just connect and start playing =] Now, i posted a portuguese tutorial for it in a brazilian board i moderate, the "PPJJOY part" was mostly translated from you readme. http://www.ndsbrasil.com.br/forum/index.php?showtopic=3822 Thank you very mutch.
  9. My PC is and my DS is Never mind,just got it runing ok. Any way to make the right IP a default?
  10. Hi, i need some help here. I´m using DS2Key 0.6, Supercard CF with 1.70 firmware. Windows XP PRO and Datel Wi-Fi Max USB dongle. Followed the "Virtual Game Setup.txt" all right. So now what to do in the DS side? I launch "DS2Key.exe" in PC, boot DS2Key.sc.nds in DS, chose "connect to an AP" > "use nintendo WFC data". It connects, and now? I redirected UDP port 9501 in my routerand use profile #0. I would like to use it mainly for ePSXe and VisualBoy Advance.
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