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  1. Wow ! I'm Impressed ! Finally a homebrew that works with my crappy wifi and even fast at that ! Just one request monkeynz, could you possibly add custom key profile saving to Win2DS aswell ? I mean it like this: Type profile into DS using the soft-keyboard, next save it into some kind of TXT or ini or whatever file onto the card in a folder which might be called "DS2WinProfiles. BTW: typing in letters in the custom keybord customization causes them to not show up ( instead blanks are shown).
  2. Thank you for updating this wonderful homebrew !
  3. There is a hombrew code sending app... only works with flashed DS thought: http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?t=11946&highlight=
  4. pas

    Win2DS v0.5

    Try Autoconnect. @sintax: My Features Requests: - Please make the ds2key Configuratin files useable so we don't need to enter the keys again all the time - Rewrite the server so all Emulators (N64, VBA and other) and games will be supportet Hope you could implement these things: Pas
  5. ok, I got it working now ^^ ! Thought I can't play Call of Duty or any other Egoshooter with it cause: 1. the Mouse is way TOO sensetive ->no chance of playing games 2. I can't configure Mouse keys (or am I to dumb to find the code for those ?) 3. The server get's stuck with a key sometimes so I need to restart the Emulator-Game all the time (If I'm lucky I can fix it by just minimizing and maximizing the window again). Prove: I hope you can get atleast the Server to run as stable as the DS2Win's newest unofficial on which has no such problems. If you can fix that:
  6. Hi all ! First off I want to thank you for this wonderful app ! Which sadly does not work perfect for me . After starting DSPad and the DS2Key Server I can use my DS with the standart configuration... I can't get any of my Profiles to work, neither with DS2Key 0.6 nor with DSPad, if I give them the Profiles they just ignore them and use the standart "default" configuration instead... Can anyone please give me a step to step guide on how to get this to work with games like Call of Duty 1, Unreal Tournament or Flatout ? Hope you can help a Gamer that likes to use his DS as Wireless Gamepad: Pas
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