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DS2Key Server 0.7 beta


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Seems like packets are lost... I run it successfully, but after playing trackmania for only a few seconds I noticed problems: seems like sometimes left is sent twice, or left released isn't sent, so the car goes on turning while I have released the key...


The software is unusable in its current state...


I tried DSPad + DSKey server 0.6 and 0.7: same problems

I also tried DSKey client 0.6 with DSKey server 0.6 and 0.7: same symptoms...


Please note that this has nothing to do with the game I tried: the log of the DSServer clearly shows some key presses/releases I haven't done using the DS... So Left is keeped held while I have released the left key on the DS and so on...


(And yes, my DS is perfectly healthy and I never noticed this kind of problems in any DS games :D)

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DSPad freezes on me and I wonder if I set it up incorrectly.


DS2Key Compatibility Mode checked

Local Port: 9501

Server Port: 9501

Server IP: (PC's IP)


Hardware-wise, I'm using a DSLite (about two years old), an R4, and a 2Gb SanDisk. SVSIP worked fine until my trial to the free wifi-phone deal ran out, haven't really tried it with many other homebrew wifi apps.


Server side response (DS2Key):

Server running on port 9501


Client side response (DSPad):

DLDI Init: Success

Loading "/DSPad.xml" Success

Reading "/DSPad.xml" Success

Selected player 1

DS2Key mode is active


Is it something I'm doing wrong?


Same problem here...


edit: nevermind, got it

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