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  1. Ive been trying to connect my DS to my pc using wifi for sometime. However, my router is not compatiable with wifi. Will the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Adapter allow me to use homebrew programs such as DS2key?
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    i finally got it to work after one day of non-stop fustration, it worked smoothly, tried to play some css but the pad isn't the same as the mouse, could'nt aim the problem is: after playing around with it, i switched off my ds for a while and turned it on again and i tried to get the dspad working with ds2key again, but it didn't it freezes on the pad selection (the one with the big "1" button and "2" button) but the strange thing is, is that it *sometimes goes onto that screen where it is used as a pad/joystick/weapon of mass destruction (the screen with the yellow blob with a crosshair on it), but like the ds2key doesn't read the keys pressed or the coordinates of the touch screen p.s: i set up everything up correctly (drivers, port forwarded ect.) thats why it worked the first time
  3. nice im using this right now but i got a problem
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