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WEEK 5 | Save 1Emulation from Carl's Weekly Destruction!

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Just incase you all are thinking the same...


GameCop: So what do you think?

iq_132: little weird for me

GameCop: It's an unorthodox comic

iq_132: decidedly


2 Minutes later ...

GameCop: So what do you think?

Disoblige: weird comic

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Dude Gc, cut the crap, and do something, you're reminding me of me back when I joined, you shouldn't do that x.x.


Drake attacked GameCop with a Pimp Slap.


Snap out of it!

Shouldn't do what? Am I missing something here? :P

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Br1NG BaCK TEh R0mZ!!1!!


Ha. Actually, I got every single rom/iso i ever wanted. Hell, I don't even play most of them. Maybe Gamecop could do a celebrity blog and post about britney spears and paris hilton. That seems popular these days.

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To me, you sound like a emo with a fake smile >.>.

Emo? What the hell does that mean? :P


EDIT: Ah... emo = emotional. Yes, I'm crying every night. But remember Drake, only YOU can make this a better place. If not, Carl's 6th week of destruction is on its way.

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This wasn't funny either. Just like the last two before.


Don't tell me to chill out or take it easy either because I'm beyond that man.

Who said it was supposed to be a funny comic? Is all the anime you watch funny? Are all the comics you read funny?


Let's just say this comic is dramatic, but definitely not depressing. Although, it depends on how each and everyone of us perceives things and how our current state of mind is.


I wonder how you're generally feeling right now? :P

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