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Which P2P Programs do you use?

If you were stuck on an island with one p2p program (yes an island) what would it be?  

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Whats a good P2P program to use, that you would recommend to others? Ive tried a lot of them and could of course recommend Kazaa.


What other ones have you guys used that you have been satisfied with?

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For me it would have to be eMule! But still by far, my vote will always go to Direct Connect. Stable, fast, and great shares.


Also I use Bit Torrent, thats a great p2p software and used mostly for movies. :wink:

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It used to be Kazaa Lite but the Kazaa network has become rubbish lately. Even with verifieds to get around the "fake files" problem it's annoyingly slow sometimes.


I prefer to use Bittorrent now, even though a lot of those sites seem to be going at the moment too.


I have emule installed but I've never really bothered to use it. I will try it out.

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like most, i started off using napster, and then scour for files other than music. after both went up in flames, i hunted around for a while trying every p2p prog i came across. first i think i tried bearshare, then cutemx, then imesh and eventually settled on mynapster/filenavigator. after that, i hopped onto winmx and stayed with that for a while. it uses the same network as mynapster, and was good while it lasted, but now it is too crowed with leechers and jerks that dont share. ive tried kazza... found it to be cr@p. edonkey/emule is ok, but way too slow. direct connect is by far the best i have found. the way it is more "community based" appeals to me i believe. plus, you can find basically any file imaginable if you look hard enough. my vote definately goes for dc. :wink:


Hey ive never used Bit Torrent before, so could anyone point me to a good client for that p2p program? Thanks




click on the "windows installer" link.

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