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What's good chocolate or candy bar where you live?

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I've read about how German chocolate by Milka or Ritter Sport is delicious. I'd like to find some sooner or later in Canada here.


I like Nestle Crunch with the little crispy things in it. I also eat plenty of chocolate-covered almonds from time to time. As long as it doesn't have palm oil, coconut oil, or hydrogenated oil, it's fine for me.

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I have to say I think that America has the worst chocolate I've ever tasted :wink:


I think the best is probably Belgian. I don't know why the American stuff tasted so bad but I think it's because there are too many "fat free" things there. I'm sure you can get good milk chocolate there and I was just unlucky.


Over here my favourite stuff is Cadbury's Dairy Milk and I also like Toffee Crisps. In fact I'm addicted to them.

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