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My TA-82 is now firmware 1.5!


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Oh yeah. Fully verified. I just finished downgrading my psp. At long last the ta-082 owners get some love. It's a great time to be a psp owner. Now, I can update to the custom firmware. Ha ha ha.

Sadly, if you updated your firmware past 2.71, you're out of luck for the moment.

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Good for you! I just saw that the downgrader was released, will post in news section. :naughty:


Thanks. I just successfully updated to 3.02 oe B. :D:D

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Ive been around the PSP scene for a while now, and it just amazes me that the things Dark_AleX does have for so long, until now, been considered totally impossible.


Launching from the XMB in anything other than 1.5? Impossible.

Downgrading without complete file dumps? Impossible.

Making Device Hook obsolete? Impossible.

Cracking 3.0 and its PSX emulation? Not impossible but a long way off. He did it in a matter of days after 3.02's release.


and now the big impossibility.. downgrading TA-082 units. Just bloody amazing. Its fair to say he has done more than any other dev in the scene, and is in starck contrast to certain others *wh0I w0nt name* who just talk about hacking methods coz they live in China next to a hardware downgrading slum but never release anything worthwhile.

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no i would never write something like that, its just creepy and weird. This aggravates me because now i have to worry about someone knowing my password.


its from my IP address though, Is that a reliable piece of information or what? Maybe my brother was on my computer being an idiot.

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