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Christmas Loot thread


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I'm going to gate crash Bestbuy tomorrow and pick up a few games at a low price of 19.99 CAD or a tad bit higher (Enchanted Arms zomg). Hopefully pick up stuff I actually want.

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Well I bought myself a 32" LCD HDTV a month ago, that's my present. I got a 2 piece sterling silver and diamond ring today, a sweater and some small stuff. I bought my wife a family ring with 2 rubies and a diamond in it (Birthstones for us and our daughter), a pair of skanky leather boots (Woot!) and some socks.


Now as for my daughter, she got too much stuff to really list.....so I'll give a general rundown.


A new Winnie The Pooh toddler bed, 240 piece art set. A bunch of dolls, a Disney tea set, a bunch of bears including a fibre optic one that changes color. Tonnes of alphabet and numbers stuff like fridge magnets and puzzles and an assload of books. And of couse clothes.

I'd say she had probably 50+ presents.

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