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New BendermameOx -HSFII Edition-


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Hi everyone :)


It's been a while since last update :thumbsup1:


So here a minor update to enjoy new released cps2 game :)


BenderMameOx - HSF2 Edition (12/23/2006)


- Add drivers for Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition (Asia 040202 & Phoenix Edition)

- Lightgun support fixed (finally !!!)


Don't forget to delete these files after installing new release of MameOx :







Thanks for using BenderMameOx ! Merry Christmas and happy new year 2007 :)


Link removed (bendermike) ;)


merry christmas :)

Edited by bendermike
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it plays like crap for me.. anybody here has it running smooth.. what setting are set in the vm settings?


I ran it on the default BMameox settings, changed "VM" to yes and it loads without the "mem alloc error" and gameplay runs arcade perfect even with turbo.

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