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Ta-82 1.5 firmware downgrader released!


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Yep, it's been confirmed on a couple different sites. At last, a chance for ta82 owners to downgrade. Sounds kind of scary at the moment, you can't upgrade again, and the firmware sounds a bit glitchy.

Personally, i'm going to wait a bit until a better version comes out with some bugfixes.





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Damn, I woke up this morning hoping to find that all the problems were solved and that I could downgrade to 1.5. NOPE!

Just a big scam. That sucks big time. Why do people do this? Must be some big time loser to pull crap like this.

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It works in that it does what it states.


However, it is fake in that a lot of what happens while 'downgrading' is bs, and resultantly you dont have a proper downgrade at the end.


Either way if I had a TA-082, I sure as hell would stick with HEN-D or just wait this one out.

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Wiki: TA-082

The TA-082 motherboard blocks the user from flashing older firmware revisions onto its 32mb NAND flash memory, including 1.50.


This is a problem for homebrew developers and enthusiasts who choose to use homebrew applications and games, as this prevents them using known exploits to run homebrew EBOOTs.


Dark_Alex has found ways around this by creating HEN, Homebrew Enabler, for PSP's running firmware version 2.71. This has been confirmed to work on TA-082 motherboards, and can run 99.9% of kernel and user mode homebrew. The latest revision of HEN is HEN-D.


What exactly is being blocked is not yet known, although it's widely believed that it's a combination of the 1.50 IPL and the index.dat (which shows "FV1.50_0001" when unmodified).

And that's what Christmas is all abo... er... and that's why the TA-082 mobo sucks. :)

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