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Help me about some games


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can anyone tell me what are the things needed to play the following

games in computer:

1.Capcom vs Snk

2.Capcom vs Snk 2

3.Marvel vs Capcom 2

4.Capcom Fighting Evolution/Jam (i dont know the difference)

5.Neo Geo Battle Colliseum

6.KOF Eleventh

7.KOF Maximum Impact

8.KOF Maximum Impact 2

9.KOF Kyo

Please enlist the things. I know that these games are neither easily emulated games nor NeoGeo Games but is there a way to play them in computer?

and also....

Can nebody tell me the Subtitle of "KOF:Another Day" in english.


p.s.:Robert, this time i'm not asking for links but for information about

those games.

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CVS too :rolleyes:


So, basically you can play CVS, CVS2 and MVC2 on computer using CHankast although it is not perfect.


as far as i'm concerned using the iso will mess up the sound


suppose someone has an amusement arcade machine.

he wants to run a neo geo kof(94-030 and a ps kof(XI) in

the same machine. Is it possible? what different tools will

he need? 2 different cartridges? Then what is the price ratio

of Neogeo:Playstaion:Dreamcast cartridge.

What is PSX? Is it playstation 1 or something like that also

what is "RPG of sorts for playstation"? I didnt understand.

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