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SSF Ver0.08 alpha R2 released


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Saturn emulator


* The DSP processing of SCU was corrected. It reaching the point where the baroque and Lunar 2 etc move, it increases. Collision decision of [bachiyahuaita] becoming normal, it increases.

* The surface of revolution processing of VDP2 was corrected. It reaching the point where the background of the ray D ant silver cancer/gun and the like is indicated securely, it increases.

* The windowing of VDP2 was corrected.

* The color transaction of operation of VDP2 was corrected.

* The processing of SMPC was corrected.

* The DSP processing of SCSP was corrected.

* The phenomenon where volume becomes large was gone.

* In order to increase compatibility, because it is in a state where trial and error it has done, perhaps there is a software which stops running. In that case, when SH2 Instruction Number is lowered, perhaps it runs.

>> Get it HERE.

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I, personally, love this emulator. To me SSF is what Nestopia is to NES, Gens+ is to Sega Genesis, bsnes is to Super NES, etc. I love being able to play Castlevania: Nocturne in the Moonlight. :blink:



SSF has been able to run ST-V games since 5-7 versions ago.

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