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5 things you hate about your psp

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I don't own a psp, but my best friend does, and from my experience, here are the major problems with it.


1. Games. Being that there isn't a huge library for it already (like GBA for the DS, or ps1 games on the ps2), the selection is pretty slim. There are a few excellent games, but mostly crap.

2. Texture. The thing is glossy, it's hard to hold and gets greasy/dirty extremely easily

3. Durability. It's a sony product, it's not like they're known for having excellent build quality, endurance. (and if it breaks, it's not like they care much.)

4. It's made by Sony. They have a really bad track record and don't seem to particularly care about their fan-base.

5. Load times, I've heard some games can take up to 4 minutes to load. That is INSANE. This crippled the Neo*Geo CD and a few other early cd-based systems. No game should ever have more than 60 seconds, 30 seconds should be average (with an entertaining load screen.)



I've heard people complain about battery life, but it's not that big of a deal. I'd say most people that use a psp don't play it for hours on end, they play it for a few minutes or maybe an hour at a time. I suppose this is another downfall of the psp games as well, they're made for extended play times, but most people just want a quick game fix and go.

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Its funny... IQ despite not having one pretty much nailed everything thats wrong with the PSP. Ill just emphasise what I agree on.


1. Texture. I cannot stand it. The front greases up like nothing else and despite the unit looking sleek its hard to always have it looking clean.


2. Games. Yeh not enough good ones. This hasnt really bothered me a great deal considering what I use mine for but its a shame. You also got it right that many PSP games follow the conventional console wisdom today of obligatory stories and extended gameplay... nothing really built for pick-up-and-play functionality. Tekken, Wipeout and such are great but theyre nothing new.


Then again this is what sells. Monster Hunter Portable, the best selling game in Japan, and GTA LCS, the best seller elsewhere are both games that consume enormous amounts of time per session to get into. Maybe the bulk of the gaming public arent bothered by this?


One thing I want to add myself though is memory. I realise there arent any really practical options for hdds and such on the unit itself, but memory sticks just seem too limiting. Even the insanely expensive 4GB one. For a system that has so much multimedia potential the 1GB stick that I have atm really cripples the experience.

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I would agreed with some of the arguments here but every cloud has a silver lining.


iq_132, are you sure load time is a problem? I have not heard of a four minutes load times. And the longest load time ever is the WWE SVR2006, with load time of 2 minutes. Tekken's loading is not even 30s.

Most games not do not load long. The initial release does contain lots of loading but as the developers know more about PSP, a lot of the games have reduced load times. Of course, some developers still never learn (UBISOFT, EA)


Don't know about you guys but I have been enjoying a lot of PSP games (and NO ISOs!). For RPG, been playing Valkyrie Profile and Monster Hunter Freedom. For fighting game, Tekken and SFA3Max. Platformer, Megaman Powered Up. 3D action, Syphon Filter and LCS.

Others, DJ Max portable. One could only have so much times in their life and I think my current library suit me just fine. I want to play some long winded games, I'll play Monster Hunter or Valkyrie profile. Want some short exciting games (10 -20 min), I'll play Tekken or DJ Max or maybe some LCS for some killing spree. Those that keep on harping there are not enough games, go get a life (or work).

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I think we all aggree that "Made by Sony" is the worst thing about it.


But I'm not sure about you guys, I prefere the long extended gameplay RPGs with good stories that keep me glued to it.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is the game for you.......if you have not played the PS1 version yet :thumbsup1:

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I think we all aggree that "Made by Sony" is the worst thing about it.


But I'm not sure about you guys, I prefere the long extended gameplay RPGs with good stories that keep me glued to it.


How can the fact that its made by Sony be the worst thing about it? That is so illogical, it just screams Sony hate. Wouldnt have anything to do with a certain something being closed recently would it? That aside, I can't imagine another company that could have given us a PSP.



ANYway... long extended RPGs are good and all but a portable system isnt really meant to glue you to it for ages at a time. VP Lenneth is hands down a great game but while playing it I wish it had been a PS2 port instead.

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1. More SRPS

2. should be matte black f the gloss.

3. more infrastructure games

4. it needs a better browser

5. that keypad nonsense blows give me a real on screen keyboard not a numpad.


there are plenty of things i don't like about my psp but games are the lest of my worries i don’t know understand why this is a problem, but I do understand the other side of the argument, I just don’t agree. I own both a psp and a ds and i have to say i do play my psp more than my ds. it boils down to the type of games you like. i like tekken and streetfighter, and rpgs, as my pick up and go games this is something i would never be happy with on my ds (except the rpgs you can finds a slew of them on the ds). however if i want to play games with other people who aren't into the games, the ds hits the spot. i'm not saying one is better than the other just that if you don't like the type of games you find on a psp and you want games like Mario, Wario Ware and Cooking momma, (because work time fun is the worst thing ever made) maybe you should look into a ds. Every time I walk into a gamestop or an eb it’s the same (maybe I’m too picky and broke) but I don’t even want ¾ of the games I see for both systems that I see on the wall. that said don't for get about taiko. sooo good.


As far as the


Wouldnt have anything to do with a certain something being closed recently would it?


this wasn’t the first time it was closed down. If I recall I think big old MS and Nintendo had a hand in shuting them down last time, but they came back a few months later. If you want imports there plenty of places playasia for one or if your in a city in the US, check out your local Chinatown or anime shop. What I do want more of if anything else on the psp is more 2 ½ d games. I had a chance to check out the megamans and ghost and globlins and was very impressed. I hope that they make a castleviana for the psp some time. it would just look sweet on the psp.

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