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5 things you hate about your psp

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1. More SRPS

2. should be matte black f the gloss.

3. more infrastructure games

4. it needs a better browser

5. that keypad nonsense blows give me a real on screen keyboard not a numpad.


there are plenty of things i don't like about my psp but games are the lest of my worries i don’t know understand why this is a problem, but I do understand the other side of the argument, I just don’t agree. I own both a psp and a ds and i have to say i do play my psp more than my ds. it boils down to the type of games you like. i like tekken and streetfighter, and rpgs, as my pick up and go games this is something i would never be happy with on my ds (except the rpgs you can finds a slew of them on the ds). however if i want to play games with other people who aren't into the games, the ds hits the spot. i'm not saying one is better than the other just that if you don't like the type of games you find on a psp and you want games like Mario, Wario Ware and Cooking momma, (because work time fun is the worst thing ever made) maybe you should look into a ds. Every time I walk into a gamestop or an eb it’s the same (maybe I’m too picky and broke) but I don’t even want ¾ of the games I see for both systems that I see on the wall. that said don't for get about taiko. sooo good.


As far as the


Wouldnt have anything to do with a certain something being closed recently would it?


this wasn’t the first time it was closed down. If I recall I think big old MS and Nintendo had a hand in shuting them down last time, but they came back a few months later. If you want imports there plenty of places playasia for one or if your in a city in the US, check out your local Chinatown or anime shop. What I do want more of if anything else on the psp is more 2 ½ d games. I had a chance to check out the megamans and ghost and globlins and was very impressed. I hope that they make a castleviana for the psp some time. it would just look sweet on the psp.

Best argument in a while. I can't stand all those Sony hateism spreading around.

I myself don't find problems with Sony products. I own a slew of Sony products and I find that they

are really better than most products. Example: my Sony DVD player can play some scratched DVDs

which other brand can't (don't ask me why, it just did). The only Sony thing that I have that broke easily is my old Walkman. And the PS2 controllers (which last even longer than my DC controller). I work in a SOny factory before so I do know how stringent their quality control is. But it seems that recent times, their quality dropped as they tried to rush out new models.

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What I meant by more virtual memory was directed at the internet browser. When I try to load heavy-duty sites like www.worldofwarcraft.com I always get the not enough memory error. they should add support for these kinda sites and flash applications for the internet really :thumbsup1:

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id have to disagree on sony products being really high quality, while it may seem that their quality control is high, its because youve worked there an experienced it, if you where to go work in a panasonic factory or something, you might see that they arent that high.


Also, even if their quality control is high (all their products ARE made teh way they are supposed to be made, or at least they have been for me most fo the time) that doesnt make their products good. If youve ever opened up a PS2 you can tell the optical drive is a peice of crap.


Sony cuts alot of corners when creating/assembling their products, not NEARLY as much as JVC though...dont even get me started


Ive dealth with a lot of electronics all throughout my life, and while i agree sony products DO work the way sony wants them too, the way sony wants them too isnt necessarily good enough (lacks features/doesnt work very well for intended purpose but good enough i guess/etc). ive never had a sony product arrive dead on me or anyone i know ill admit that much. ive also found them to be one of those brands that costs more for no reason, your paying for a name pretty much. Kinda like how NVidia cards seem to cost more than ATi even when the ATi clearly outperforms the card that costs the same.


im not even trying to be biased though PS2 is actually one of my favorite consoles, and im playing on a sony TV. (although ive been meaning to get rid of it for awhile to go HD)

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Is it true that those things have access to only 2MB? WHy is that when the PSP is packing 32?

Yes, for some reason, the PSP only allows 512Kb to 2Mb for the browser cache. So even with Flash support, not many flash applications will be able to run. :thumbsup1:

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Well, there's other homebrew browsers right?

There are, but I'm not sure those are very great either. For example, you can use Wipeout Pure to browse the web, and someone ripped the web browser out of Fired Up, which I used for a while (Before DevHook with 2.60 support came along)

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