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help me please


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please help me,I am brazilian,and not understand nothing

Relax diguin, everyone here was once just like you (execept for maybe the "being from Brazil" part). We need to know exactly what you need help with though before we can help you out. I am going to assume that it has something to do with Playstation since you posted this question in this section.


You guys need to understand that we have many members here who's english is not that good and critising them is not going to get anyone anywhere. All that will accomplish is waisted posts and frustrated people who just want help. If you don't want to help him then don't post, plain and simple. I'm sure he knows his english is bad but at least he's trying. It's not his fault he's a n00b that's just how he is. It might also help if there was more of a variety of pinned topics for him to look at.

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