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Hi! im new to the DS homebrew stuff,i have a wireless router and ive played on wifi for about 5 months now. so i just discovered this,so i think "hey this'll be cool right? it seems simple." well for me,its not. i opened port 8888, enabled my router to see SSID,so i run the win2ds thing. it says prt opened so i searched for access point,and it dosent show up.ive heard lots of times "do it manually" but i dont even know the SSID to test it out! a little help?

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ssj9vegeto0: you've played on the official wifi? if so, the settings should already be in your DS, and the wifi lib should be able to automatically connect; If it's still not working, there are a few reasons why that might be, but for the most part if it works with the nintendo games, it'll work with homebrew wifi too.



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