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then how would you make them video's again on the 360?


Also if any illegal material is on the links that you know please don't post the link.


Instead send it to my pm box ^.^.


I was only kidding about the pm box...


The program only works with sp2 users and my computer can only update to sp1..




^No Comment




^again... no comment

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wow seriously those fans are so stupid


im on my second 360 and neither has overheated a single time (I had a disc drive die on me, MS sent me a new console free, yay!)


plus isnt it the PSUs that keep overheating anyway?


BTW, ive been thinking about upgrading to Media Center Edition, if i borrowed my friends disc that came with his and installed it, would it work? or are media center PCs really that full of specialty hardware? His doesnt have a TV Tuner card or any of that crap so i would guess it would work. (after some activation/serial key nonsense of course :( )

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I bought the nitrocooler, and my 360 went from freezing hourly to every 4-5 hours (this was when I was playing Fable day in day out), I left FFXI on for 4 day's after I bought it and it didn't freeze at all nor did it get any amount of hot.


About the WMCE, I do not know jack about it.

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