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OMG! Today is my LUCKIEST day!

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OMG! Today is my LUCKIEST day!


On Monday; one of my co-workers went home sick and he said that eating at a local fried chicken place food poisoned him. The next day after he recovered he told me the address of the place and I realized I had been eating there for YEARS without any problems! I didn't tell him that of course! He told me to NEVER eat there!


Then I went there for lunch today; it was BUSY as one can expect at noon on a weekend! :lol: I took out my coupon for six chicken nuggets and a small order of fries. It basically cut the price of the entire order in half!


Then the manager of the place (she looked like the manager since she relieved the cashier after having a long talk with him) gave me NINE chicken nuggets and the small order of fries! I got THREE extra chicken nuggets at NO extra cost AND I already had it at half price thanks to the coupon. Then she almost forgot to take my coupon! I couldn't quite take back the coupon especially with all this good luck already!


Conclusion: I got EXTRA food at NO extra cost and I didn't become sick despite what my co-worker said five days ago!


Then I went off to the mall; I bought a Slurpee and I went to the biggest arcade in town. I took a look around and I realized that it was the middle of the afternoon and it was the busiest time of the day! I got my usual eight tokens (I know better than to get too many! ).


I noticed that BOTH the King of Fighters XI machines were occupied which could be expected given the time of day and the fact it was the weekend. There were also players on both the Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection and the T5 machines. I noticed it was SO busy that someone was even playing X-men:Children of the Atom! Yes, you know it's a BUSY time for the arcade when people are playing even TWELVE year old games! There might have even been a couple of girls playing Super Street Fighter 2!


It was then that I spotted a 14-year old guy playing Marvel vs. Capcom! I noticed he was struggling to beat the CPU and it wasn't even Onslaught yet! I took pity on him after I saw him using Spider-man and Wolverine. I'm still not sure whether I took pity on him or I smelled easy prey!


Before you read further I want to make it clear: I am a VERY ORDINARY MvC player! I don't use combos other than those done automatically in moves like Morrigan's Fierce uppercut or in those in Supers. I do two-hit juggles; my skills are quite limited to block and counter-attack!


Oh and by the way; the two games in the arcade I have ALWAYS won against human players are Street Fighter 3:A New Generation and Marvel vs. Capcom:Clash of Superheroes. It's strange but I have NEVER done well on either the more popular Marvel vs. Capcom 2:New Age of Superheroes or Street Fighter 3:Third Strike! Perhaps the best players of either game series have all migrated to the final chapters of each game series?


Anyway I inserted my tokens and sure enough I won as usual! :rolleyes: His Wolverine simply could not connect with his air combos and I blocked all of Spidey's Supers to out-last him. ALL of my previous opponents in MvC quit after losing to me. I expected him to leave quietly like all of my previous opponents in previous weeks.


He did NOT leave; he simply inserted more tokens to challenge me! He lost again and then he chose different characters like Strider Hiryu and Gambit but he lost a third time! Then in one particularly futile match he threw two Supers one right after the first one and they BOTH missed! I had all the time in the world to take him out and even I had to laugh with him at the futility of it all! :lol:


After the sixth loss against me I took pity on him and I finally told him that I play the game at home. He just exclaimed,"So that was why you're playing so well; I was wondering why you're so good!" He kept on challenging me though! :lol: At this point his friend came along and he inserted a whole bunch of tokens into the machine. After the ninth straight loss he gave up, muttered something about losing all his money and he left! :rolleyes:


I kept on playing obviously and I got to the fourth battle before I got KO! I told you I had rather ordinary skills earlier if you recall! :P It was game over or so I thought...something told me to stay in the arcade though so I wandered around with one hand in my pocket with the tokens. I came back after one or two minutes and I realized the MvC machine was saying press start!


I then noticed that the guy had somehow inserted so many tokens that there were still up to 5 plays still remaining in the machine! I simply stood silently there because I couldn't believe my good fortune! I quickly rushed over and this time I played until I reached Onslaught. I defeated his first form as usual and I got KO when I tried fighting the final form. This repeated several times until I ran out of free continues.


It was now 4'o clock and I realized I had been in the arcade for over an hour! That was a new record considering I hardly ever spend more than half an hour playing and today I spent it ALL playing one game on only the MINIMUM two tokens! I had the top score for the machine for the day and I even had a record NINE wins to show for it too! :-)


I've seen a crazy guy who inserted tokens for strangers in T5:DR so that they can play against him but this was something else entirely! :P


I thought my fantastic streak of good fortune would end there. I was wrong! :P


It was time for me to play slightly newer games at half price. I walked out of the arcade and I went over to the mall's video games; an old Neo-Geo machine dating from 2000 and Die Hard Arcade! :lol: I chose Die Hard Arcade first since the MAME version I got at home doesn't have sound support yet but the machine in the mall DOES have sound! ;) These machines were on six days a week; I am busy on every day except for Saturday; today was my ONLY chance this week to play them.


I inserted a coin to play Die Hard Arcade. I played until I got the first cutscene and then I promptly got killed in the scene with the dumpster. That was quite ordinary and it was probably slightly worse than what I did last week. I turned my attention to the Neo Geo machine dating back to Y2k next to the Die Hard Arcade.


I inserted a coin to play KoF2000. I managed to fight my way all to the final boss for the first time ever! :D The strange thing is that I managed to do it without continuing and without using any Desperation or Super Desperation moves! :o I promptly got defeated by Zero even after I continued and got the 1/3 health service. <_<


Then I promptly abandoned KoF2000 for Metal Slug 3. I lost a life in the very first mission and I realized that my good luck had finally run out! Then I lost another life in the second mission and I wouldn't have any luck left for the 2nd boss! :P I was proven right sadly. :rolleyes:


Oh well; all this AND in this forum I helped out everyone who still plays the forum attack system by absorbing Agozer's last STR point earlier.


It has been my LUCKIEST day! What kind of lucky days do you have?

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wow. go you. my big, hopefully lucky, day is July 8th when i go se A.F.I. in Chicago. I've been saving up my karma and am hoping to cash in big time

Radiohead, June 11, at Place-Des-Arts. Going with a girl I know. She's getting sex for coming with me. And paying half the cost of the tix.

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Sounds like a lucky day. I'm jealous of your arcade.


Yep, we got MANY great games: House of the Dead 4, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Darkstalkers, Fist of the North Star, Metal Slug 6, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


There are MANY more but I can't list or read what the names of some are since those are imported straight from Japan! :lol:



It's called karma. You will have to pay the universe back for all this luck somehow.


Yes, that is what worries me; maybe I'll be killed by a bus or something... :ph34r:


wow. go you. my big, hopefully lucky, day is July 8th when i go se A.F.I. in Chicago. I've been saving up my karma and am hoping to cash in big time


What is A.F.I.? :unsure:


Nice, I wish I can go through such and such event's :P.


I only wish I could go through MORE days like these! :P

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A.F.I is a group of tranny's trying to sing but sounding emo at the end.

Heh. I was going to call them emo too, but that was pretty harsh. :P

I pretty much agree with Drake on this one.


AFI is too trash for my tastes.


Radiohead on the other hand. is the greatest band in the world, up there with Dream theater, the beatles and Pink Floyd.

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