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A few questions on burning psx games with Nero.


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How do you burn an iso on nero so that it will run right in the psx?

How do you burn a.bin and.cue file so it will run in the psx?

Can you burn more than 1 game to a cd and have it run on the psx?

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close the wizard.


Burn image and select the iso!


2) burn image and select the cue file if it includes one.


If it doesnt, do burn image. select the.nrg.ccd.bin file.

Then a menu will come up

Pick data mode 2 and clik ok.

If theres an invalid block entry, try data mode 1.


Then click burn !


3) No you cant. It will mess up the game you put on there if you do.

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i dont get u


if theres a cue with the.bin file


Just double clik the cue and it should start burning once u clik burn button.


The cue file redirects the bin file to the burning i think

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