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The Official E3 Thread

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I watched the MGS4 trailer. It was fantastic....was thinking about starting a topic for it but it seems not many here are fans of the series, or at most passive fans.


Thanks for the coverage Davel...

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someone should rename this "The Offical E3 Thread" so we don't have a billion posts running around.


On that note; this saturday and sunday on G4/G4TechTV(in canada) will air all their E3 coverage starting at 10 AM EST too 3:30 AM EST. Coverage starts today at till friday starting at 6 PM EST till 2:30 AM EST.


I'll be watching that. One of these days, I gotta join one of those blogging gaming sights. I have no life as it is.

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Just finished watching the Nintendo keynote. And all I have to say is wow. They've once again taken this year's pre-e3 show.


Showed off the Wii and a few of it's games, including a 2v2 WiiTennis match up.


Words cannot express how exicted I feel.

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Agreed to the 120th percent. It was nice to actually see games being played. God, it made Sony's event yesterday look like a 10th grade class presentation.


Now it's time for Microsoft's which is probably going to be really obnoxious and gawdy. But they'll probably show some sweet games. The purported Halo 3 video will be quite a crowd pleaser. I'm hoping they reveal Shadowrun and show some nifty ingame footage.

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I am hoping for TO HUMAN!!! PLEASE LORD!! I'm going to die for this game if it's not released soon :(>!!!


Edit: I'll check it out if I ever get my 360 back..

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