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Win2DS v0.5


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I'll use my first post on this forum as request:


- please make the option to change ports, so that 2 DSses can connect

- I've tested out a lot emulators, but the gamepad mode only seems to work in Snes9x. Please do something about this ^^;


Further, I must say you've made a great program! With just these ^ two things, the program would be completed. :D

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I have an excellent Wireless connection before anyone asks, and when Win2DS is running, it run really well.

However there are two issues I am encountering.


It is really a lottery whether I can connect successfully or not.

I may get the "cannot connect" message, then try again, and successfully connect. Or May connect straightaway, but have the program freeze at the password checking screen.


A more urgent issue is that the top screens graphics are corrupted. I can only see patches of the screen, whilst the rest is just black.


Other than that, the mouse and command refresh is much faster, making it more pleasant to use.


One thing I think might be more helpful in increasing accuracy, is have a shortcut to allow the mouse to automatically highlight important screen objects such as the start menu, or the close button on windows through a cycle. Thus making it easier to just left click objects, instead of trying to accurately make sure the pointe is in the right place.

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Hi i have a ds lite, a supercard minisd with a 1gb card and a max media launcher, i have downloaded win2ds 0.5 and i have set it it on my pc by opening the correct ports on my router, the problem is that when i go to open the nds file on my ds i just get 2 white screens, i just wondered if anyone new y. Thanks.

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Win2DS starts perfectly here, when I connect to my PC, the PC sees the Nintendo DS, but the program doesn't do anything.

So my program for my wireless connection sees the Nintendo DS, but the program on the computer of Win2DS is doing as if there is nothing happening?


My Nintendo DS says in the screen "Connection Status": waiting...

And it's busy for like 5 minutes now. :punk:


PointyRemote worked good, so there is nothing wrong with the connection.



--- Edit:

Working perfectly now! Automatic worked, manual not. :shootem:

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Hi Sintax, thanks for all your efforts on this great program.


Is it possible the slow update problems some people report (where updates arrive very slowly ~1fps, and there is significant lag between pressing a button on the ds and the screen being updated) is related to the latency between their wireless router and their DS?


My older router adds about 30ms of latency to any wireless transaction. While programs like VNC work very well, Win2DS seems to struggle. Is it possible you could tune some of the programs parameters so that it is more robust in the face of large latencies? This would also make the program much more useful when used over the internet.


Thanks again.

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i just have one word: wow. i tried your program about a half a year ago, and i wasn't THAT impressed. but now it's much better. the inclusion of a virtual gamepad was genius, and leaves ds2key in the dust. seriously, i had given up all hope of using the ds as a virtual gamepad due to the HORRIBLE lag in ds2key. but this is so seamless it makes me want to cry *sniff sniff*.

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Tried .4 and .5... same results... have server pc connected to wireless router and set as DMZ... also port forwarding on 8888 (udp and tcp)... but all i get on DS is 2 white screens with .5 and black screens with .4


I can get on wifi and play with games.... tried all auto on wifi setup using anim crossing and manual.... nogo. help?

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Well here is possibly the last version of Win2DS. Finally has the the new WiFi features (WEP and DHCP all that), so you won't need to have all your WFC data fully filled out, or manually connect each time, or turn off WEP to keep the government from stealing your packets. There was a bit of a delay because I tried to add TCP support, but it is a pain in my ass and slow anyway. I will give this release a little time for bug reports and such, then I will probably release the source, because I think I'm done with this project.




Win2DS v0.5a



Hey guys a little help please, so I go the program on my SD card and when i load it, it's got nothing but a white blank screen is there something else that i have to do? What does it mean exactly 'HomeBrew Codes'? please help






-Fixed screen corruption on M3.

-Tweaked the way the keyboard works for hopefully more compatibility.



-Complete overhaul of the GUI. Now makes full use of the touchscreen and has a Windows-like interface.

-Uses the new WiFi 0.3 lib. WEP, DHCP, automatic settings, and all that fun stuff should work now.

-Added GamePad Mode.

-Maybe some other stuff I don't know it's been a while!

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Try Autoconnect.



My Features Requests:


- Please make the ds2key Configuratin files useable so we don't need to enter the keys again all the time


- Rewrite the server so all Emulators (N64, VBA and other) and games will be supportet


Hope you could implement these things:



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