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  1. i just have one word: wow. i tried your program about a half a year ago, and i wasn't THAT impressed. but now it's much better. the inclusion of a virtual gamepad was genius, and leaves ds2key in the dust. seriously, i had given up all hope of using the ds as a virtual gamepad due to the HORRIBLE lag in ds2key. but this is so seamless it makes me want to cry *sniff sniff*.
  2. wow i'm having that exact same problem. as far as i know, there's no way. in my opinion, davr needs to get his act together and start supporting .nds files. every other homebrew program does! so i guess we're out of luck. and it took me a long time to find that rom file too....I MEAN find my calculator......
  3. assuming you have an early version of the ds, then your cheapest bet would be to buy a gbamp ver. 2 from lik-sang (google it), a passme 1 (google it), and a cf card obviously. that way you can just dump the .nds file to the cf card and run it using a bootloader with the passme and a commercial rom in the nds slot. wow that was garble....just read the wiki. or you can use wifime if you have an elusive Ralink 2650 chipset......
  4. well, it works, but the lag is so bad that any game is unplayable. then i tried it on the host computer, and it works beautifully. great ap, just too bad my wireless adapter doesn't have soft ap.....or i think it doesn't......
  5. ok, i'm just going to explain my situation clearly. i have a ds, a passme 1, a gbamp ver. 2, and a wireless network. i have three computers on wireless networks, and all in different rooms. is it possible to use ds2key to control my laptop, a client of the wireless network? or, when i use ds2key, will it control every single computer on the network? please help
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